PRODUCT REVIEW: the Kommander Fleet had the pleasure of spending time with the Kommander crew in Anthem, AZ; checking out the new skis and going behind the scenes. We were the first to have a chance to ride and review the new Kommander K1 1050 four-stroke, and the Kommander S1.

A windy day at Lake Pleasant made for choppy & fun riding conditions with the Kommander crew. I spent the day riding with Steve Webster & Dustin Motzouris (the minds behind the machines) as well as Kommander team rider David Redinger.



The Kommander S1 is a freeride-racing hybrid that the minds at Kommander have concocted. The S1 is one of the most fun skis I have ever ridden. Its light and nimble build makes it easy to jump wakes at the lake; and its great handling makes it even easier to carve turns with the throttle pinned. One of the best features of the S1 is that it allows you to take all of the components from your stock SuperJet and swap them into the S1. Kommander Industries offers turn-key set ups, or you can buy just a hull and swap your own build into the hull. This ski is ideal for those riders who may spend a day ripping buoys — and the next they are jumping v-wakes with friends.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.13.25 PMWINS

  • Nimble & versatile.
  • Super Jet components easily swapped over.
  • Looks sick.
  • Unique look.
  • Comfortable foot holds.
  • Additional custom options: hull colors, graphics, handle poles, mats ect.
  • A great hull for a stock or limited motor package.
  • Handles like a Super Jet.


  • Only race legal in classes that allow aftermarket hulls.



The Kommander K1 was one of the highest finishing hulls in the 2015 race season — making it a popular hull; but the new Yamaha four-stroke motor package that Kommander Industries has been working with is one of the most talked-about projects in the industry. I was one of the first to take a spin on the new set up. Like most aftermarket hulls, the Kommander K1 allows the rider to turn on a dime at nearly any time; it is also extremely stable in your straight lines at high speeds. At the time I tested the Yamaha four-stroke motor, it was completely stock. With speeds reported in the upper 50s, it was quick for a stock set up. With addition of a turbo, it is no doubt this will be one of the fastest motor packages on the market. The motor had a smooth mid range and a very strong bottom end, the engine braking was not harsh in any way — and the overall power band was smooth in its transitions but very powerful for again, a stock set up. The K1 hull is a great pick for any master/vet or GP ski racer; Kommander Industries also offers turn-key set ups as well as the option to buy a hull and build your own.

Race fans can expect to see most of the Kommander Industries team racing with this motor sometime during the 2016 season — so be sure to keep your eyes out.



  • Sharp turning capabilities.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • Has a unique look.
  • Wide tray.
  • Lots of motor package options.
  • Additional custom options: hull colors, graphics, handle poles, mats ect.
  • Smooth power band (motor).
  • Sharp bottom end (motor).


  • Only race legal in classes that allow aftermarket hulls.





For additional pricing and details, contact the crew at Kommander Industries by clicking here.