BOSS MAN’S TECH TIP: Cheap N Easy Goggle Float

Every once and a while it happens — your awesome goggles come flying off your helmet. We’d hate to lose our super cool Dragon Alliance goggles, so the Boss Man concocted this simple trick to keep your goggles afloat in the water, easy to see, easy to find, easy to SAVE.




1. Grab one of those floaties for your keys. We got ours from our friends at SBT.








2. Make sure that your goggles are adjusted to fit over your helmet, and then slip the floatie between the bands of your goggles.








3. Use a regular zip tie to secure the floatie to your goggle band.



4. Cut your zip tie short and straight to avoid poking yourself later.


5. Now if you ever lose your goggles, you will be able to find retrieve them.