PRODUCT REVIEW: WorksH20Designs Alpha-1 boot got the opportunity to test and review the industry’s hottest new product — the WorksH20Designs Alpha-1 high performance boot.

IMG_0929BOOTS — lets face it, it seems like every time you ride another piece is falling off or something is coming unglued. Whether it be rec-riding or putting in laps on the track, in the years’ past, no one has delivered a boot that could hold its own.

We think that time is over.

After crash testing the WorksH20Designs Alpha-1 boot at the races, and spinning more than 40 laps, we are pretty confident these boots will get you the bang for your buck.


PRICE: $129.00




  • Comes in sizes 6-13
  • Multiple color choices.
  • Has optional customizable name/number ankle patch.
  • No laces!! Uses bungee cord design to eliminate laces coming untied.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Toe protection — no more jammed toes while switching your feet in the tray.
  • Sole has great grip.
  • Sole is glued AND stitched to the shoe — no more soles falling off your riding boots.
  • Works Water Socks help keep rocks and sand out of your boots.
  • Thick sole reduces impact to feet — you feel less impact in rough water riding, and stepping on rocks doesn’t hurt.
  • Great for riding/racing — also great for holders.
  • WorksH20Designs offers a 30-day warranty.


  • The only loss we found with this product was that all our friends were jealous of our new kicks.