PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Hurricane Industries freestyle SuperJet hood gets the details on the lowered SuperJet freestyle hood kit from Hurricane Industries.

Hurricane Industries is devoted to getting people out on the water and having fun. Their newest product is for those riders who want to get out and have a little freestyle fun without sacrificing their SuperJet or their wallet.

The Hurricane Industries SuperJet freestyle hood kit is a light-weight, lowered hood that will fit all round nose Yamaha SuperJets (1996-2017). The light weight and lowered profile makes for easier barrel rolls, and the performance design makes for better air flow and reduces the amount of water coming into your engine compartment.

The Hurricane Industries SuperJet freestyle hood kit is available in black, white and carbon fiber, as well as a Yamaha color match option.

You can order yours on their website by clicking here.

For a complete set of specs and details, check out the video we put together with Derrick Kemnitz Jr., the owner of Hurricane Industries.