EXCLUSIVE: Interview with 2014 Pro Ski World Champion Kevin Reiterer

Motor Action Media interviews new Pro Ski & Pro Ski GP World Champion, Kevin Reiterer.

Motor Action Media: Kevin, how were you feeling coming into this year’s World Finals?

I felt very good! After getting on the new SeaDoo Centre TRAK hull in Europe I had some fantastic races and saw the improvements the hull did to my performance. I used to struggle a lot with the OEM hull and we could not get all the power into the water. It was devastating, as I know I had much more in the tank that I could show but my current setup did not give me the chance to do so. So, getting the new hull and seeing that I can push myself to new limits made me really comfortable for the World Finals.

MAM: What had you done to prepare?

Actually what helped me as well, was my Team. I created Kev-Racing at the beginning of the year, besides a workshop that sells tuning parts, builds boats and helps with handling components, we started a racing team. Two young stars have been quickly taken the opportunity and signed with the team. I had them at my place for over a month and we really worked hard and trained almost every day besides the races we went to. It was fun to finally have some dedicated riders back in Austria at my place who go with me through a hard and difficult preparation. Of course those Jetcross races were among all the most difficult ones that prepared me for Finals.

MAM: Could you tell me what happened when your ski went under the log jump? You made a miraculous recovery after that how did you do it?

Well that was a new record for me. I went over the log jump in various different ways with all kind of flips, hits and jumps, but getting my ski under the log jump and landing on it was something new. Despite, this achievement I knew I had to get back on my ski as quick as possible. I don’t exactly know how many positions I lost but I did not thought about it at that moment. I only knew that I had to give my all to get the second title. I mean those conditions just suited me. I love riding in waves and it was so challenging. Even though I felt like I was riding like a beginner, I still fought my way through.

MAM: Who would you say was the most competitive racer out there? Anyone in particular you noticed?

I have noticed two. Dustin Motzouris who I had a major battle with for the GP title and Jeremy Poret who was really very strong in the waves..

MAM: What goals do you have for the future?

I have already been at the exact same spot. Achieving the same thing in 2009 (Pro Ski and Pro Ski GP title) and setting new records as the first rider to do so, I really had no goal and drive after achieving my lifetime dream. Now I am older and learnt a lot about life. There is no specific goal I set that has a deadline. I want to win King’s Cup a couple of times and World Finals but most important my goal is to live life to the fullest and pushing myself to new limits to push the whole sport.

MAM: Will you be racing the King’s Cup? If so, how are you feeling about it, and what will you do in between now and then?

Yes I will be competing and I am feeling real good about it. Love going there and meeting up with Team Flamingo and doing some training together. I just started preparing for it at home. I really just can’t wait to be back on the ski and race.

MAM: How did you feel when you realized that you won?

Is an amazing feeling to achieve something like that. Especially when you know how much work it takes from everyone around you to achieve a World Title. I am just pleased being able to do what I love and having the people around me supporting it. I am happy to give something like this back to them.

MAM: Is there anyone you would to thank?

I want to thank COMMERZIALBANK, Quakysense, SeaDooCentre, BNJ, Just Vienna, Jettrim, ProWatercraft, Sportland NOE, Swatch, Laura, Yuki, Philipp, the whole Kev-Racing Team and especially all those people standing behind these brands, being long time supporters and real friends for life, putting their energy into my career.