BOSS MAN’S TECH TIPS: Aftermarket Fuel Pickup Installation

An aftermarket fuel pick up is a must have addition to any modified race ski. The aftermarket pickup allows you to add up to two fuel lines when you increase the number of fuel pumps and or carbs. Additionally, installing an aftermarket fuel pickup with flexible house will allow the fuel tank filters to move and follow the fuel as you rail turns.



unnamedFor this installation you’ll need an ADA racing aftermarket pickup assembly, 20 to 30 inches of Tygon submergible fuel hose, 2 or 3 universal fuel tank filters, zip ties and thread sealant. Tygon fuel hose is commonly used on small engine for lawn equipment and we have found it in stock small engine parts store and some NAPA’s. Regular Teflon thread sealant will leak when exposed to fuel but we found Rectorseal 5 from Lowes was rated for fuel and have used it with success.






1. After sealing the threads, install the tank breather using an 8mm stud installer socket.








2. Seal the threads on the remaining fittings and install them with a 7/16 socket.









3. Cut your Tygon fuel hose so it hangs straight and can move around without touching the bottom of the fuel tank. Be sure the hoses are exactly the same length so you don’t starve one of your carbs while the others have fuel. We made our hoses 9 inches long, but this could vary with different fuel tank filters.










4. Zip tie the ends of the hose.









5. Put three extra zip ties around the end of the pickups as shown so they are always in the same place as they move around.








6. Install the aftermarket fuel pickup in the fuel tank; hook up your fuel lines. Then blow into the vent hose to pressurize the fuel system and check for leaks.




7. Be sure to check for fuel leaks as you use your ski and periodically check the connections, the condition, and flexibility of your in tank hoses.