BOSSMAN’S TECH TIP: Repurposing the Rad Dudes X2 Oil Fill Block off plate

If your SXR has those pesty dashboard holes after removing your fuel selector and choke control, here is a quick and simple fix.

You’ll need two Rad Dudes X2 Oil Fill block offs, eight 5mm x 50mm stainless Phillips screws, eight 5mm stainless stop nuts, eight 5mm stainless fender washers, one ¾ inch button plug and your primer pump.IMG_9010









1. Install your button plug in one of the plates (two if you are not going to use a primer pump).









2. Line up the plates over the dashboard holes and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Then drill and install.











3. Install your primer pump.











4. Now you are a Rad Dude!