BOSS MAN’S TECH TIPS: No eye, no problem

Any stand up owner is aware of the struggles of tying down the back of your ski — but have no fear, the team at Pro Watercraft Racing shared an awesome and inexpensive tip to safely secure the rear end of your skis, and the Boss Man broke it down for you.




  1. Before you install your mats, get a stainless steel u-bolt that is 2inchwide by ¼ inch thick and two stainless ¼ inchlock nuts from the hardware store. We bought ours from ACE hardware.









  1. Center the U-bolt over the stern eye; make two marks where the tips of the u-bolt line up.






  1. Drill two holes were you made your marks using a 5/16-drill bit. These holes should line up evenly with the ends of your u-bolt.



  1. After your holes are drilled, thread the nuts that came with the u-bolt all the way down and then fit the U-bolt  into the holes you drilled.







  1. Next put the stainless lock nuts on the u-bolt and tighten it down.










6. Then cover the u-bolt ends with your kick wedge or Pro Watercraft Racing Ergo-tray extender before installing your tray mats.







  1. Now you can loop a tie down strap through your U-bolt and secure the rear end of your ski with no problems.






Special thanks to the crew at Pro Watercraft Racing for submitting this tech tip! Got a tech tip? Contact us here.